Bathroom Renovation - choosing the best wall tile

11 November 2015
11 November 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Bathroom Renovation – choosing the best wall tile

Bathroom Renovation – choosing the best wall tile…

Over 40% of household water is used in the bathroom!!

Wow! Standard shower heads use about 15-25 litres of water every minute! So if you’re having a 10 minute shower thats a whopping 250 litres of water being used every day in your bathroom and that’s just for 1 person having 1 shower per day!!

Fair to say that your bathroom is taking a beating! High water usage, dirt & grime & all those products that we use to keep us smelling like a pomegranate can all take its toll on everything in your bathroom from tiles to grout & silicone.

With this in mind, its no wonder that the modern bathroom wall tile has gone from a 150 x 150mm square to the most popular tile of 2015 a 300 x 600mm wall tile!

But how does this help you & why is it great for the longevity of your new bathroom renovation??

It’s the grout!

Effectively the modern 300 x 600mm wall tile covers the same area as 6 old 150 x 150mm wall tiles which cuts out all of the internal grout lines!

Modern bathroom grout has come a long way in the past 30 years but grout is still the first sign of an ageing bathroom.

Limiting your grout lines will make your bathroom renovation stay looking modern, fresh & new for longer & on top of that, it’s so much easier to clean a tile than a grout joint!

So, when your undertaking your next bathroom renovation we suggest a 300 x 600mm wall tile! Check them out at Beaumont Tiles Edwardstown! & if you tile with us we’ll bargain 10-20% off the retail price of your tiles and put that $$ straight back into your pocket!

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