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Choosing the right tiles for your space


Choosing the right tiles for your space can be tricky. What size tile will I need? What colour tile will fit in with the design and era of my home? What is the best choice of floor tile for a modern, newly built home? And the list goes on. Here are some helpful hints for choosing the right tiles for your space…

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When tiling your bathroom, kitchen or living room it is important to think about your lifestyle in that space. Do you have kids who may spill food on the floor or inside pets who might stamp muddy paw prints everywhere? In this case you would want to choose a hardier tile that will withstand lots of wear and tear. This also needs to be considered on high usage areas such as the kitchen splash back where we often see grime build up in grout joints. If you want to save yourself on cleaning, choosing a large tile, which in turn means less grout lines, will save you all of that hard work scrubbing in between tiles!


adelaide bathroom feature tilingCREATING A GREAT SPACE

Then comes the very important question how do you want the tiling to impact on the way the space feels? If you want to create a living room that feels expansive and fresh, choosing a large, light coloured tile will help you achieve this. If you want your bathroom renovation to provide you with a modern space then you may choose a feature tile that complements your main tiles.


adelaide bathroom renovationWHAT COLOUR TILES  DO I CHOOSE?

But what about colour choice? How do I create a space that looks fresh and modern but won’t date? We see many different shapes, colours, patterns and sizes of tiles. When the aim of the room is to create a space that won’t date, most of our clients tend to go for a neutral colour palette in greys, whites & browns. But at the end of the day, it is up to you. Sometimes the most daring colour choices are the most effective!!

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