20 November 2015
20 November 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Floor tiling your living areas!

Floor tiling – choose to be on trend in your living spaces!


So you’ve bought a house!
That’s fantastic! Buying your first home or trading up to a bigger home is an exciting time!


But you know that if your offer was accepted, there would definitely be a handful of renovations that you would have done prior to moving in.


Often older houses are bought with carpet through the living areas – well that’s usually the first thing to go.


Modern homes have open plan living areas with hard floor coverings. Large format floor tiles are ideal for these spaces as tiles are hard wearing in high traffic. High gloss floor tiles often brings light into the house where carpet wouldn’t.


Floor tiling is a simple procedure for areas that were once previously carpeted. Usually you will find the concrete slab is in good condition. After the carpet and edge trim has been removed, it will be easily ready for priming prior to floor tiling.


Replacing carpet with floor tiles is also a great choice to reduce allogens in the home. With many Australian households struggling with at least one member with allergies &/or asthma this is more important than ever!


So if you are renovating your home and thinking about tiling your floors, put down your Vogue Magazine, sip the last of your vegan soy latte & feel good about yourself because floor tiling is on point & on trend!



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