Laundry in the kitchen: Space Invader OR Space Saver?

22 November 2015
22 November 2015, Comments: Comments Off on Laundry in the kitchen: Space Invader OR Space Saver?

Laundry in the kitchen: Space invader OR Space saver?!

House lots are getting smaller and gone are the days of a ¼ acre block with 4-5 bedroom homes with monster bathrooms & massive oversized laundries (well for most of us anyway!) #sigh

These days every bit of space needs to be used effectively so that you have more room to actually live your life in!

The Brits have been onto this for years with their space saving idea of a ‘european laundry’ which essentially incorporates the washing and drying facilities into the kitchen cabinetry and uses the sink plumbing and waste.

laundry renovation

This is now trending in Adelaide as the search for space has become more of a big deal!

The benefit of having your laundry hidden in the kitchen is not only a space saver and potentially more convenient but the cost of actually building the laundry, timber framing, electrical, plastering, screeding, waterproofing, tiling the floors, tiling the walls, building the cabinetry (& the list goes on), these costs are all saved!

That’s more living space for you and more money in your pocket to furnish it!

A european laundry is an especially cost & space saving option when renovating a unit or townhouse where the space in your bathroom/wet area is particularly limited. By incorporating your laundry into your kitchen, you give yourself precious space to work with to make your bathroom wow!!




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