8 March 2017
8 March 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Toilets… where the heck do I start?!


A toilet’s a toilet right? WRONG! They come in all different shapes, styles & designs & it is important to work out what is going to work best in your bathroom before getting started.


Toilet Suites

invisi toiletInvisi Concealed:

This type of suite is where the cistern is concealed inside the wall cavity. You’ve probably seen this on THE BLOCK & other renovation shows. Design-wise it creates a neat finish with no visible bulky cistern.


wall facedWall Faced:

This type of toilet creates a very on-trend & modern look in your new bathroom. The back of the pan sits flush with the wall all the way to the top of the cistern. This a fashionable & popular option!


Close CoupledClose Coupled:

This type of suite is where the flush pipe is concealed between the pan and the cistern. This can often be a good option as it fits with all types of bathroom set ups. For example, if you have retiled your bathroom before considering the toilet you want – this will work for you!


Connector toiletConnector:

This is the most classic toilet option with the pan connected to the cistern through a flush pipe which is visible. Not the most modern design but works with pretty much all plumbing arrangements!


It can be daunting working out which is going to be the best toilet for you considering the above options! It’s good to do some research into the style you think is going to work best before going out and purchasing the suite.

But ultimately, these are the three things you need to consider:

Design – which option do you prefer aesthetically?

Practicality – which option is going to actually work best with your situation

Budget – which option is going to fit within your budget to purchase in the first place & also what can you afford when it comes to altering the plumbing set up.

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